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About Us


What began as a hobby in 2007 turned into an obsession with honey bees. The more I learned, the more fascinated I became. In the beginning, I had one hive, which quickly became two, then four, then eight…and now I have 25 hives, each of which produces about 80 pounds of honey each year.


The most impressive outcome of honey for me, has been its positive effect on my allergies. I was a lifelong allergy sufferer and couldn't get enough of allergy medications to try to alleviate my symptoms. Once my hives started producing honey, I began eating a tablespoon with my oatmeal every morning. The following spring and fall, I had no need for allergy medicine, I was completely symptom free and have been allergy medicine free since 2009.

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About Our Bees


Our hives live on organic flower farms in different bee yards spanning between Frankford, WV and Mingo, WV. I am very selective where I keep my hives, ensuring that there are no pesticides, fungicides germicides, herbicides, or any other chemicals used where my bees are kept.


Wildflowers are abundant on the bee yards, so the bees have a very diverse diet. They feed on so many different sources, it's impossible to list all the flavors and undertones that may be present in the honey. Some of the honey is light, some is dark but it is all delicious. Our honey is raw, unadulterated, not filtered or pasteurized. It's as if you were eating it straight from the hive.


The Benefits of Raw Honey


The list of Raw Honey benefits continues to grow as research is done on this amazing food. Due to its complex chemical composition, almost anyone's health can benefit from it. There are too many benefits to list but here are the most popular:

  • Anti-Allergenic

  • Blood Sugar

  • Blood Pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Cold, Flu, and Sinus

  • Natural Antibiotic

  • Protect your DNA

  • Skin Healing

  • Sinusitis 

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